The big battle this past Christmas season was the showdown between American Atheists and the Catholic League; we effectively checkmated their anti-Christmas message.
When news reports surfaced about the American Atheist billboard campaign—they put an anti-Christmas billboard on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel—we were contacted by an 80-year old gentleman from New York City who wanted to team with us in providing a rejoinder. We did, and the result was a news story that was picked up worldwide.
The man who approached us wanted to remain anonymous: his intent was to pay for a billboard response. Donohue and the donor met in our office and agreed on a strategy. Click here for our billboard and here for the atheist billboard; ours was posted on the New York side of the Lincoln Tunnel.
There were also confrontations between the Catholic League and the Mayor of Boca Raton, Florida. She refused to allow a nativity scene in the same spot that she approved a menorah. Catholic League board member William Lindner pressed the issue with the mayor’s office, garnering a coalition of Protestants. The refusal to meet with the protesting Christians means next year there may be a lawsuit.
We are happy to report that Advertising Age, the trade sheet for Madison Avenue, credited the Catholic League and the American Family Association for the return of “Merry Christmas” in the major department stores; “Happy Holidays” took a back seat
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