Bill Donohue

This is the most joyful time of the year, especially for Christians. It is not a good time for dogmatic secularists, many of whom are deeply unhappy. If anything, Christmas brings out the worst in them.

Take Freedom From Religion Foundation. The radical atheists paid well over six figures to place an ad in the New York Times on December 14, hoping to draw the ire of Christians. It backfired: it drew our condolences.

This is what they believe:

  • There is no god
  • There is no sin
  • There is no higher purpose
  • There is no hell
  • There is no heaven

At a time when most people are smiling, caroling, dancing and hugging, these deeply embittered Americans are in a state of depression.

Thoroughgoing materialists, they have no idea why we were born—we just happen to exist.

Sin is a fiction, they believe, which explains why they don’t regard what the Ten Commandments proscribe to be of any consequence.

We were put here on earth for no other reason than to satisfy our base cravings.

When we die, none of us will be held accountable for our misdeeds, whether guilty of greed or genocide.

Those who have behaved admirably, in some cases altruistically, have done so for naught—what happens on earth stays on earth.

A more unrealistic, and dour, perception of reality would be hard to find. No wonder they bask in negativity.

Avoid them if you can this Christmas season.


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