Catholic League president Bill Donohue discusses what’s going on:

“Cindy Wigglesworth, founder of Conscious Pursuits, says Christmas represents a ‘challenge’ to employers. The so-called challenge is how to have ‘an enthused workforce and be faith-friendly and faith-neutral and not violate any laws.’ She does not say what laws might be violated, but apparently she wants to guard against the prospect of someone calling 911. In any event, she has a mind of her own: ‘We’d much rather bring your child to work than bring your faith to work. We have not had a safe way to talk about faith.’ But what if your child comes to work and tells everyone ‘Merry Christmas’? Isn’t that dangerous?

“Dawn Frazier-Bohnert works at a global consulting firm, and she advises employers not to hold a Christmas party—call it a ‘year-end’ bash, instead. She recommends ‘vegetarian alternatives’ at the dinner, ‘and be conscious that serving alcohol at parties might make some employees uncomfortable.’ There’s the rub: those who want to booze it up will also feel uncomfortable if the purists prevail. Flasks might work.

“Simma Lieberman specializes in ‘Diversity and Inclusion,’ and it shows: she wants us to celebrate ‘Diwali,’ along with non-Hindu holidays. But, she cautions, ‘Make sure your holiday party isn’t a Christmas party in disguise.’ Good idea. However, she does not say what to do if some smart aleck asks what holiday is being celebrated at Christmastime.

“Sondra Thiederman is another ‘Diversity’ expert, and she warns against Christmas decorations, recommending instead ‘flowers, balloons, candles and snowflakes.’ She also counsels against Christmas songs, suggesting ‘historical music, the big bands and the sounds of the ‘40s.’ No rap or heavy metal?

“Viacom has the best house rule: ‘Live trees solely for the purpose of a holiday decoration are not permitted.’ Those fake ones are okay.

“So this is what our troops are defending in Iraq—the right of Anti-Christmas Czars to promote thought control in America.”

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