Recycled Paper Greetings publishes cards that are supposed to be funny. Some are. But others are offensive. To Catholics, that is.

The 1996 catalog of Hanukkah and Christmas cards offers many examples of what passes as humor at Recycled Paper Greetings. While many could be objected to, the league decided to concentrate its efforts on the two most offensive cards. Both of them assault Our Blessed Mother in a most vulgar way.

One of the cards is entitled “Three Wise Men Feeling Mary” (actually, “Mary” is crossed out and above it “Merry” is substituted). The illustration shows three men ogling a woman, one of whom is shown laying his hands on her. Inside the card, it says “Wishing You A Very Mary Christmas.”

The other card is a photo of the backside of a naked woman with a red bow tide around her waist. It says, “Hi! I’m Mary. Mary Little.” Inside it reads “Have yourself a Mary Little Christmas.”

The league wrote to Mike Keiser, the president of the company, asking that he discontinue these two cards. It should also be mentioned that none of the Hanukkah cards show this level of disrespect for the Jewish holiday. Moreover, while there are Hanukkah cards that make fun of Christmas, there are no Christmas cards that make fun of Hanukkah.

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