Bill Donohue comments on the fallout of the Paris attacks:

Everyone seems to be careful not to blame radical Islam for the carnage in Paris, but there is no shortage of pundits taking the opportunity to indict Christianity. The most common tactic is to compare radical Islamic terrorists to crazy Christians.

That there are crazy Christians cannot be denied, but their ranks are virtually empty of genocidal maniacs who kill in the name of their religion. Not so with radical Islamists, and there are plenty of them. The Muslim terrorists who went on their Paris killing spree were screaming “Allahu Akbar” or “God Is Great.” They didn’t mean Jesus.

Here’s a sample of the articles that were recently posted online:

  • “Paris Attacks: Why Islam and Christianity are Twin Religions.” [The Conversation AU]
  • “How Religion Can Unleash Humanity’s Violent Impulses.” [Raw Story]
  • “Can Atheism Replace Religion?” [Huffington Post]
  • “Freedom from Religion: Maybe a Good Idea.” [Patheos]
  • “In Light of the Paris Attacks, is it Time to Eradicate Religion?” [Washington Post] The author, Miroslav Volf, teaches at Yale University. Guess what he teaches? Theology.

Note that the last four titles use the term “religion,” as opposed to “Islam.” This allows the writers to slam Christianity. These titles are not altogether different from the first one: it says the two religions are twins. Yet whenever Catholics do something immoral, e.g., the abuse scandal, we never hear it said that Catholicism is no different from Islam.

A Charlie Hebdo cartoonist also took the opportunity to slam Christians. Atheist Joann Sfar announced, “we don’t need your prayers.” Had he said we don’t need more “Allahu Akbar” prayers, he would have been right.

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