The Middle East is coming apart as murderous Muslim madmen move from nation to nation killing everyone who does not accept their twisted beliefs. Christians, Jews, Kurds, the Yezidi—even Muslims who differ with them—are being slaughtered. Children are being beheaded, crucifixions are rampant, and monasteries are being ransacked, all in the name of Islam.

In the middle of August, Bill Donohue spoke at length with about the situation. “President Obama over the weekend made a comment that we don’t want winners and we don’t want the vanquished. But that’s just plain silly. You can’t have two winners in war. You can’t have two winners in baseball. As far as I am concerned, you either have the forces of freedom or you have the forces of death. The Muslim jihadists are the forces of death.”

Referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Donohue said, “ISIS is not like any other force that we’ve seen. If in fact they quit al Qaeda because al Qaeda was considered too wimpy, then you’re dealing with people who cannot be stopped by dialogue and diplomacy. So they have to be met with force.”

The Holy See’s Permanent Observer to the United Nations in Geneva, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, referenced the U.N. Charter, saying, “there might be occasions in the life and in the relations between states when dialogue, negotiations, fail and large numbers of people find themselves at risk: at risk of genocide, at risk of having their fundamental, their basic human rights violated.”

Tomasi got very specific: “In this case, when every other means has been attempted, article 42 of the Charter of the United Nations becomes possible justification for not only imposing sanctions of economic nature on the state or the group or the region that violates the basic human rights of people, but also the use of force. All the force that is necessary to stop this evil and this tragedy.”

The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue also weighed in with a list of specific atrocities committed by the terrorists. It called upon all religious leaders, “especially Muslims” to step up and use whatever pressure they had to end the violence.

It is important that the Islamic State barbarians not simply be contained, but defeated. We are dealing with a roving band of 15,000 militants; the likes of which the world has not seen since Pol Pot’s “killing fields” in the 1970s.

 It is up to President Obama and our western allies to put an end to this genocide.

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