A writer from Madison, Wisconsin, Jacquelyn Mitchard, recently wrote a pro-abortion article wherein she just happened to take some cheap shots at the Catholic Church. The columnist repeated the same old canard about the Church not providing enough services to unwed mothers.

William Donohue’s letter in reply was published on April 18.

Dear Editor:

Jacquelyn Mitchard (“Abor-tion debate is ultimately about money,” April 6) says we need to prevent the causes of late-term abortions, and then ends with the quip, “Catholic leaders should put the money where the mouth is.”

Well, Ms. Mitchard, we have. That is why the Catholic Church offers the most thorough free counseling for unwed mothers and provides the most comprehensive post-abortion outreach program in the nation (Project Rachel). Indeed, there are some dioceses which pay the full cost of adoption services for any woman—independent of religion—who desires such an alternative. What this suggests is that the time has come for the Church’s critics to mimic the Church.


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