We just had two bouts with left-wing extremists that we’d like to share with you.

Kirsten A. Powers is a former member of the Clinton administration and a New York-based consultant to the Democratic party. She recently wrote a piece for The American Prospect, an online left-wing outlet, that was so good we asked for permission to reprint it in Catalyst; it was on the pope’s speech and Muslim reaction to it. We were denied permission because we pleaded guilty to defending the teachings of the Catholic Church on abortion. By the way, we let Powers know about this and she was none too pleased with The American Prospect.

Bill Donohue was recently interviewed by Salon.com, another left-wing online source, about Mark Foley and all the hullabaloo about him being gay. Donohue took the position that whether he was gay, or whether he was abused as a teenager by a clergyman, shouldn’t be the issue: neither is exculpatory for what he did. When the article was published, Donohue wasn’t cited. However, evangelicals who made a critical comment about gays were mentioned.

It all fits so nicely. We can’t publish Powers because we’re pro-life—even though what she was writing about had nothing to do with abortion. And Donohue was shunned because he didn’t criticize gays. Par for the course when it comes to the left.

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