Many celebrities will do anything to show how utterly welcoming they are of men and women who are in rebellion against their own nature—they applaud every time someone gets Jennerized. But when it comes to Catholics, that’s a different story. Indeed, they are obliged to be bigoted.

During the Critics’ Choice Television Awards on A&E that aired a couple of weeks ago, Charlize Theron said of Seth McFarland, “By the age of 9, he was drawing a comic strip for the local paper. One features a character taking Communion and asking, ‘Can I have fries with that?’ He got an angry letter from the local priest, and he knew the path he would take. He and that priest spent the next three years in a loving monogamous relationship.”

During “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” the host made the following remarks on his HBO show: “The Irish vote was widely celebrated, with one depressingly predictable voice of dissent.” He added, “Ok, settle down a little, Catholic Church. Remember, you’re an organization whose ‘victories for humanity’ include the Crusades, forced adoptions, and running a wildly successful international pedophile exchange program.”

Ridiculing the Eucharist is always a below the belt offense—there is nothing comedic about it. Smearing the Catholic Church—or any other religious institution—is always wrong, and it is particularly despicable when the smears are based on ignorance and lies.

Surely the corporate boys and girls in communications at these two media outlets enjoyed hearing from you.

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