Many scholars have commented on how anti-Catholicism is the only respectable bias left in the nation. It could also be said that among many celebrities, Catholic bashing is something to celebrate.

Cher was recently asked whether she had ever dated someone her own age. Her reply was, “I would never have gone out in my whole life if I waited for guys my own age to ask me out. I would have been a nun—what a terrible waste.”

Britney Spears is one of the hottest teenage singers around. According to Newsweek, at an MTV appearance in New York, “Teenage girls mimicked the naughty Catholic-school uniform she wears in the video for “…Baby One More Times”: unbuttoned white shirt, sexy black bra and a gray miniskirt hiked so high it makes Ally McBeal look like a nun.”

Phil Donahue, who has never made a secret of his contempt for the Catholic Church, contributed to his legacy of Catholic bashing at a gay and lesbian bash in Los Angeles. In an address before the homosexual audience, Donahue “railed against the Catholic church’s ‘promotion of homophobia.’” He also said that President Clinton’s “popularity owes not so much to his grandeur as to America’s reaction to the gross violation of his privacy.”

Elton John and his boyfriend, David Furnish, have secured the film rights to the David Yallop book, In God’s Name. The controversial 1984 best seller alleges that Pope John Paul I was killed by the Mob; the book was denounced by the Vatican as a collection of “absurd fantasies.” The New York Daily News commented that this “Sounds like it’ll be another favorite of the Catholic League.”

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