Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on what has happened to Mother’s Day:

In normal times, Mother’s Day was a time to honor mothers. But these are not normal times. In elite quarters today, there are those who want to eradicate this special day as we know it. Yes, even Mother’s Day has become politicized. It’s time for a tutorial on this subject.

Two men cannot have babies. Two women cannot have babies. Only men and women can have babies. This explains why, throughout all of history—up until about a week from yesterday—no one thought this to be controversial. Today it is.

Many men who claim to be married to their boyfriend, and who claim to be parents, are in a quandary over Mother’s Day. The children they have adopted are denied the right to be with their mother, so what do these two “fathers” want to do about Mother’s Day? They want to cancel it.

In the name of being inclusive—they worship inclusivity—they want us to celebrate “Surrogate and Egg Donor Day.” But that is not being inclusive: It excludes sperm donors. Others suggest “Parent’s Day.” But that doesn’t resolve what to do next month when we have Father’s Day.

In keeping with the virtue of inclusivity, the ruling class has declared motherhood to be inclusive of men.

Apple recently released a “pregnant man” emoji. Last year, Rep. Cori Bush celebrated Mother’s Day by talking about “birthing people,” a term coined to be inclusive of men who claim to be pregnant. Similarly, in 2020 Harvard Medical School referred to mothers and women as “birthing people,” a clear demonstration of its commitment to inclusivity. Three years ago, the ACLU declared that “Men who get pregnant and give birth are men.” Question: Can these men also have a miscarriage?

In normal times, a company like Apple would be laughed out of town, Cori Bush would be sent to the nearest psychiatric ward, Harvard Medical School would be stripped of its accreditation, and the ACLU’s top brass would be quarantined. But these are not normal times.

This madness has become so mainstream that men who claim to be mothers are trying to breastfeed their babies. I’m not making this up.

Last year a man who claimed to be the mother of an adopted baby—his boyfriend claimed to be the father—expressed chagrin at being unable to milk the baby. “The baby has been able to latch, but I’ve not been able to produce any milk.” Nonetheless, he found success in failure. “Being able to even be a part of a process where I’m trying to create milk, it makes me feel very excited.” He’s giving new meaning to the term “milkman.”

Nature, however, is stubborn. Consider how various internet sites dedicated to motherhood handle the question of whether women who are pregnant for the first time are entitled to celebrate motherhood. They are actually sane.

Habitatformom says, “Yes, you can celebrate Mother’s Day during your pregnancy. Being pregnant means that you are already a mother anyway. You don’t need to physically hold the baby in your arms to be considered a mom.” Similarly, Jacqueline Whitmore, an etiquette expert, commented at Romper that “She’s still a mother, even if she’s not physically holding the baby in her arms.”

Babyprepping says, “Of course [you can celebrate Mother’s Day]. You count 100%. That baby inside of you, growing strong and beautiful, has a heartbeat and is your baby.” Pricklymom opines, “No one can deny the fact that you are already a mother. You’ve spent weeks or months worrying about every little movement of your baby.”

These comments from normal people will not sit well with those who think men can get pregnant, never mind pro-abortion activists.

The world has always had its share of wannabes. In normal times that meant men and women who pined to be someone they would like to be. Today it means men and women who want to be someone they can never be. Denied by nature, and nature’s God, they have embarked on a quest they can never win. So sad.

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