It really can’t get much worse than this: a politician inviting Catholics to a party celebrating abortion and featuring a speaker from an anti-Catholic group. But that’s exactly what happened on January 22, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Roger Limoges, who works for Frances Kissling’s Catholics for a Free Choice, spoke at Trinity Brewhouse in Providence, Rhode Island. The event was billed as a party that “welcomes Catholics to a free choice celebration marking the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.” It was strange enough that only Catholics were invited to this event, but what was most disturbing was the fact that the owner of the pub, Joshua Miller, is a state senator. Moreover, on the Trinity website is a picture of the Last Supper with various American celebrities substituting for Christ and the apostles.

“Anyone who would throw a party celebrating the right to kill babies is bad enough,” we said in a statement to the media, “but when Catholics are invited to attend an event that features a speaker from an anti-Catholic organization, a line of decency has been crossed. That a sitting state senator would host such a party is even sicker.”

We decided it was important that everyone in the Rhode Island legislature learned of State Senator Miller’s idea of a good time, and that is why we sent them a copy of our news release. We also asked all those who accessed our web page to contact Miller at work.

Miller was furious and was forced to issue his own news release saying he was simply making his pub available to Kissling’s local group. He also complained about the “vicious” e-mails he was getting “from across the country.” Maybe next year he’ll think twice before offending Catholics again.

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