Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on DirecTV:

Catholics who use DirecTV should cancel their subscription and access a new carrier. DirecTV, which is mostly owned by AT&T, has decided to drop Newsmax, the cable TV station that offers quality political discourse. Why? Because Newsmax provides for a conservative viewpoint, and the left-wing operators who run DirecTV want to cancel that voice.

DirecTV is claiming the decision to drop Newsmax has to do with a quarrel over fees. Nonsense. Newsmax, which has the 4th highest TV ratings of any cable channel, has made it clear that the real issue is its political viewpoint. Some Democrats in Congress have been feeding the cancel culture with veiled appeals to government censorship of cable and satellite TV providers.

It is important that Newsmax succeed. It disseminates a fair presentation of Catholic issues, making it a unique enterprise in TV land.

To read Newsmax’s account, click here.


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