Catholic League president William Donohue issued the following remarks today regarding the league’s petition drive in support of Bishop William F. Murphy of Rockville Centre:

“The initial reaction to the Catholic League’s campaign in support of Bishop Murphy has been overwhelming.  Leaders of the Knights of Columbus on Long Island have pledged to join the petition drive, and such Long Island notables as Nassau County District Attorney Denis Dillon are also backing the campaign.  The petition, which is available at our website,, is being sent to every pastor on Long Island and to every Catholic League member in Nassau and Suffolk.  In addition, the Long Island chapter of the Catholic League, led by Jim Krug, is holding an emergency meeting Thursday evening to discuss ways in which the petition can be circulated.

“The petition makes clear that Voice of the Faithful has committed a serious error in judgment by attempting to take down Bishop Murphy.  He will win and they will lose.  He will win because Catholics on Long Island have had it with the lies that Jimmy Breslin of Newsday has spread about Bishop Murphy and because they are fed up with Catholic malcontents who seek to prolong the scandal to advance their agenda.  Most important, Bishop Murphy will prevail because he is innocent of wrongdoing.

“To attack someone on the basis of guilt by association—which is what is happening here (Bishop Murphy served in Boston, ergo he is guilty)—has long been labeled by the Left as McCarthyism.  This is exactly what is going on now.

“The Catholic League has both the resources and the resolve to win this campaign.  Bet on it.”

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