Catholic League president Bill Donohue issued the following remarks today about yesterday’s ad by Catholics for Choice in the Washington Post:

Last week on MSNBC I debated David Nolan, communications director of Catholics for Choice. At one point, I told him straight out that he wouldn’t know what a practicing Catholic was. Then I got specific: his cluelessness was a function of his working for an anti-Catholic organization. When asked to reply, he sheepishly said that he was not the issue.

A real man would have taken me on, but only phonies work for this anti-Catholic front group. Funded by the likes of George Soros and the Ford Foundation, Catholics for Choice has twice been condemned as a fraud by U.S. bishops. So when it purports to speak for Catholics, its credibility is on a par with Jews for Jesus speaking for Jews.

Yesterday’s ad tried to scare the public into thinking that if the health care bill that the bishops want goes through, the sky will fall on women. Catholics for Choice is good at that—always exploiting women to make a cheap political point.

The truth is that Catholic-bashing groups cannot believe the clout that our bishops have recently exercised. As a result, they are desperately resorting to demagogic measures, all designed to frighten the uninformed.

Christmas is coming. Time for Catholics for Choice to convert.

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