The anti-Catholic group, Catholics for Choice recently held a workshop at Planned Parenthood of Collier County in Florida. We took note and said that this event just proved that Catholics for Choice lies.

Catholics for Choice has twice been condemned by the bishops’ conference as a fraud—there is nothing Catholic about it. Indeed, it has never raised as much as a dime from practicing Catholics, relying almost exclusively on donations from the Ford Foundation and other establishment groups. Its agenda—to champion child abuse in the womb—is anything but Catholic. But it was fitting that Planned Parenthood, the captain of the abortion industry, hosted this workshop.

The Diocese of Venice in Florida had it exactly right when it declared the event “an attempt to distort Catholic teaching to advance a particular agenda that is offensive to Catholics and like-minded people of good will.” The central message of Catholics for Choice—“you can be prochoice and Catholic”—carries as much credibility as saying you can be pro-genocide and Catholic.

To say, as they advertised, that “abortion can be a moral choice,” is to say that the intentional killing of innocent human life can be morally justified. It cannot be, notwithstanding the positions of Catholics for Choice and Planned Parenthood, both of which have a track record that is as deceitful as it is bloody.

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