NobleWorks, a greeting card company from Hoboken, New Jersey, has two categories of greeting cards: “nice” and “Extra” (which they call “naughty”).  There are no cards in the latter category for Ramadan, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.  But there are more than a dozen tailored to Christian holidays.

For example, the “Extra” selection has a Christmas card that comments on how someone exposed himself at a party.  Another card has a picture of Our Blessed Mother holding baby Jesus with the inscription, “Losing those 15 pounds was sure to be a bitch.”  And there is another one with the picture of an angel that remarks how she will still enjoy the holidays even though she is having her period.

The “Extra” selection of birthday cards include the following: two cards that mock Christ on the cross; one that shows a priest by a urinal with a sign overhead that reads, “Holy Water”; and a nun who is shown buying a card not from the “Wedding” or “Birthday” section of a card store but from the one that reads, “Castration.”  There is also a Mother’s Day card that shows Mary commenting to Christ, “Uh, excuse me, Mr. Savior of Mankind, but did you remember to put on clean underwear in case you get crucified?”

Catholic League president William Donohue opined as follows:

“NobleWorks does not make these cards purely because they hate Catholics.  They do so because there is a market for them.  Indeed, just this week a young woman called our office early in the morning and, almost in tears, told us that she spotted one of these cards at a Christmas party the night before in someone’s house.

“Sadly, there is also a market for Jew-bashing cards.  Millions of people hate gays.  Ditto for Muslims.  White racists abound.  But there are no cards, thank God, that attack these groups.  Just Catholics.”

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