Bill Donohue comments on anti-Catholic incidents at a high school football game:

Last Friday, prior to a football game in Scottsdale, Arizona between a Catholic and public school—Notre Dame Prep and Desert Mountain High School—a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Notre Dame Prep campus was desecrated. A sex toy was attached to the statue’s lower half, and a Hillary Clinton mask was put over its head.

Then during the game, a student dressed up as Jesus romped up and down the sidelines dancing. Parents asked a security guard to get the student to stop, but the “dancing Jesus” returned to the sidelines and continued his act throughout the game’s second half.

Some might dismiss these as harmless student pranks, but a number of parents were rightly offended by what in other contexts—say, the sacred icons of any other religion being similarly mocked and desecrated—would be regarded as hate crimes. Imagine the outcry if a “dancing Mohammed” had made an appearance on the sideline.

Rick Hinshaw, Catholic League director of communications, contacted officials at both schools. While what he learned is not definitive, we are pleased that a spokeswoman for the Scottsdale Unified School District said the incidents are being investigated. If it is found that any students of the district were involved, she promised, “appropriate action will be taken.” We will continue to monitor this situation to be sure that they follow through.

Contact Kristine Harrington, School District Officer:

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