It didn’t take long. Just a matter of hours. On the same day as the bombing of the World Trade Center (WTC), we received the following comment on our website feedback section. It is being reprinted here with the misspellings and grammatical errors intact. We chose not to spell the obscenities.

“People like you and your fat priests, bishops and popes are as responsible as the terrorists who bombed the WTC. You and your bull—- god has done nothing for the human race except create, hatred, polarization, pain, suffering guilt and the right to kill other human beings for your stupid fanasty called jesus and mary. Who the f— cares about god except for all you a——- who make a living making other people miserable. I’m sure the pope and all the great cardinals will feel oh so bad. Ttotal b——-. What don’t you put your energy into things that support life instead of your bull—- after life crap. ALL REGIGION SHOULD BE OUTLAWED FOR THE GOOD AND FUTURE OF MANKIND.”

Here’s another piece of hate mail we received in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks:

“Stop spreading your propaganda. You are no better than the Nazis. Must I remind you of the church’s platform of ‘Non envolvement’ in the holocaust. You idiots were probably happy to see your biggest competitor (the jews) reduced in numbers. Children can be raised with good morals without filling their heads with lies. I am a perfectly moral citizen, raised without the influence of your archaic institution. In this day and age science has the potential to explain the complexities of the Universe properly. The Holy bible is a half-a—- attempt to explain existence. THE EASY ANSWER to put it bluntly. You people make me sick. P.S. Since God doesn’t exist, that would make Jesus either a liar or a raving lunatic. Son of god my a–!! Also that would make Mary ‘the village whore’ not a virgin. I bet she cooked up that story to keep Joseph from beating her a– when he discovered how loose she really was.”

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