Unknown-1Catholic University of America has come under attack again for receiving a donation from the Koch Foundation. In December, Bill Donohue exposed Faith in Public Life, which led the first attack, as a group that is funded by a George Soros foundation, the Open Society Institute. Another left-wing entity, Catholic Scholars for Worker Justice, is spearheading the latest attack.

According to a Religion News Service story by David Gibson, Faith in Public Life says that while it receives $200,000 a year from the Open Society Institute, its officials “work with Catholic leaders in support of Catholic teaching,” and the Koch brothers do not.

Bill Donohue contests this claim today:

Fully 13 percent of Faith in Public Life’s budget comes from an atheist who supports abortion, euthanasia, drug legalization, and many other causes that are opposed by the Catholic Church. By contrast, the Catholic League is a grass roots organization that is listed in the Official Catholic Directory; we wouldn’t accept funds from a pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, drug legalization foundation. That’s dirty money.

If it is true that Faith in Public Life “works with Catholic leaders in support of Catholic teaching,” then why did the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) issue a three-page “Advisory Memo to Journalists” on June 27, 2012, warning them of the totally misleading comments made by Faith’s Catholic Program Director, John Gehring? Gehring’s memo advised the media about the “inflammatory and irresponsible” rhetoric of “several bishops,” and he tutored the secular media on how to handle the USCCB. In short, he worked against the bishops.

I am so happy that I helped to subvert Faith in Public Life. To wit: Gehring’s June 7 memo that the USCCB blasted was made public by me on June 18; it was leaked to me by a loyal Catholic in the media.

FYI: Catholic University of America does not have pro-abortion clubs on campus; Georgetown has two. Just thought you’d like to know.

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