hqdefaultBill Donohue comments on who is funding the attack on the Catholic University of America:

John Garvey, the brilliant and courageous president of the Catholic University of America, is now under fire for accepting a generous grant from the Charles Koch Foundation. He is wisely standing his ground. The real story here is not the money being given to Catholic University by successful entrepreneurs; it is the source of the money being given to those who initiated the attack. To wit: Faith in Public Life spearheaded this highly politicized assault, and it is funded by left-wing zealot George Soros.

Faith in Public Life has long been lavishly greased by Soros’ Open Society Institute; it receives hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. This is hardly a secret—it is public record. Faithful America is also working with Faith in Public Life in this effort to smear Catholic University; it is known for its sharp condemnations of Catholic leaders such as Timothy Cardinal Dolan and Francis Cardinal George. Faithful America is sponsored by—you guessed it—Faith in Public Life.

George Soros is an atheist billionaire who is no friend of the Catholic community. In fact, he funds causes that the Catholic Church works hard to oppose: abortion, euthanasia, drug legalization, and many other radical initiatives.

Those who signed the letter against Catholic University of America are the ones who need to explain why they would align themselves with the likes of George Soros. And if they like what he funds, they should have the guts to say so.

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