The Catholic community lost two great persons in February, Michael Novak and Norma McCorvey. He died on February 17, and she passed away the next day.

“Michael Novak was more than a brilliant and dedicated Catholic, his range of scholarship was astonishing,” said Bill Donohue in his statement to the media. “Theologian, sociologist, economist, political scientist—he was all of these and more.”

Mike was perhaps best known for his work in understanding the relationship between a market economy and freedom. His book, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism, was widely credited with changing the minds of many Catholic scholars about the way the economic order affects the political order.

Novak was a member of the board of advisors of the Catholic League. His presence is greatly missed.

Norma McCorvey is known to the public as the person behind the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in 1973. In Catholic circles, she is remembered as someone who sought forgiveness, converted to Catholicism, and became a champion of the pro-life cause.

McCorvey was used by the pro-abortion industry. She lied about her pregnancy—she was never raped—and she never had the abortion she sought, even though she won in court.

Fox News commentator Alan Colmes died February 23. While not Catholic, Donohue and he were good friends, despite their political differences. Bill said, “His kindness was always evident, as was his great sense of humor.”

May all three rest in peace.

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