Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Seth Meyers:

Seth Meyers likes to tell his nightly viewers how indignant he is about bigotry. Recently he has been railing, night after night, about police brutality, professing his allegiance to racial justice and racial equality.

The man is a phony. While condemning some forms of bigotry, he promotes other expressions of it.

Last night, Meyers spoke about the end of the stay-at-home mandates and the opening up of the economy. After admitting that “I’m not even Catholic,” he joked about priests performing a baptism, closing with, “maybe when this is all over priests should, you know, still keep that 6-foot distance. I don’t know, maybe it could be a win-win.”

Meyers also lashed out this week against the “privileged and the powerful.” That would certainly include him. As a member of the pampered class, the deep-seated bigotry he embodies is something he attributes to others. He is a classic case of a totally insincere opponent of bigotry. No one should take him seriously until he condemns religious bigotry the way he condemns racial bigotry.

Catholic sensibilities matter.

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