Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on recent statements by left-wing Catholics:

For some reason, left-wing Catholics think they own Catholicism. As a result, when they perceive that the hierarchy is not heeding their call, they get more than worried—they get delirious.

The latest event to galvanize the Catholic left has been a conference call that many bishops had with President Trump on April 24. As I pointed out yesterday, they are livid with Cardinal Timothy Dolan for speaking kindly about the president. One of the sources I cited was National Catholic Reporter journalist Michael Sean Winters. Now he has been joined by columnist Jamie Manson and an editorial penned by outgoing editor Tom Roberts.

Manson says Dolan was “seduced by power and celebrity” and Roberts says the bishops were “masterfully manipulated.” By contrast, Manson and Roberts really think they are independent thinkers. More important is why they are angry. What angers them are the Church’s teachings on marriage, the family, and sexuality.

Manson is a gay activist. “Dolan and his church have won the right to deny loving same-sex couples the chance to adopt children,” as well as the right to advise women “about the option of abortion.” Similarly, Roberts rails against the “unholy alliance” between the bishops and Trump, noting that it “may get the bishops the abortion ban they so covet, but it will not end the debate.”

There it is. Gay marriage and abortion rights are what the National Catholic Reporter prizes. The only thing Catholic about it is its hijacked name.

The same mentality was recently on display when left-wing Catholics wrote a scathing letter to Father Tom Flowers, pastor of St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church in Lewes, Delaware. The occasion for this lengthy missive, which was signed by ten persons, was the pastor’s suspected orthodoxy. Yup, he is one of those conservative Catholics.

The letter is a textbook case of what ails left-wing Catholics. It also showcases their delirium. A small sample suffices to make this point.

In their world, there are good guys and bad guys: the good guys are Democrats and the bad guys are Republicans. In childlike fashion they roll out their vision.

They start by stating what they call a “FACT” about Catholicism. “Catholicism says Democrats are moral. Catholicism says Republicans are immoral.” Then there is this gem: “Keep in mind: Republican government officials show their immorality constantly.”

It must be nice to live in a world where Alice in Wonderland is real.

These Catholic malcontents are not satisfied to make their point and disagree. This explains why they call Father Flowers “a child,” branding him “ignorant” and a “coward.” After maligning him, it was so sweet of them to end by saying, “Signed this day in the spirit of Our Lord.”

The Catholic left does not own Catholicism. Quite the opposite. The fundamental reason why they are always angry is because, deep down, they know they don’t. The Catechism and the teachings of the Magisterium are the real FACTS, and they are not in accord with the agenda of left-wing Catholics.

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