On October 20, the Catholic League accused two left-wing Catholic groups of consorting with George Soros, the bigoted pro-abortion mogul. Specifically, we said that Catholics in Alliance receives funding from Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI) and that it is integrally linked to Catholics United. Now Chris Korzen of Catholics United is saying that OSI also funds Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Catholic Legal Immigration Services (CLIS), thus making them morally equal.

Replying to this is Catholic League president Bill Donohue:

“Unlike the three Catholic organizations cited by Korzen, Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance are apologists for abortion rights. Their passion for abortion rights is so strong that they refuse to endorse the legal ban on partial-birth abortion. So scandalous is their work that they were singled out by Archbishop Charles Chaput last week for doing a ‘disservice’ to the Church. He said they have ‘confused the natural priorities of Catholic social teaching, undermined the progress prolifers have made, and provided an excuse for some Catholics to abandon the abortion issue….’ Chaput would never say that about the three legitimately Catholic social service groups.

“Catholic Charities, CRS and CLIS have been around for decades. All receive tens of millions of dollars from government, foundations and individuals, and it is a sure bet none has a clue who OSI is. The two discredited Catholic groups were founded after their pro-abortion hero, John Kerry, lost the election in 2004. More important, two years ago Catholics in Alliance received nearly 10 percent of its money from OSI. And it is a sure bet that its officials know exactly who is behind OSI.

“The bottom line is this: When it comes to social welfare causes, Soros gives money indiscriminately. But when it comes to abortion, he prefers to give to pro-abortion and anti-Catholic groups like Catholics for Choice. Now he likes to give to Catholic abortion apologists as well.  Thus, Korzen’s moral equivalency argument fails miserably.”

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