The debut of the Catholic League’s cable television show, Catholic League Review, occurred on October 3 on Long Island’s Telicare channel. The first guest was Frank De Rosa, Director of Public Information for the Diocese of Brooklyn. Mr. De Rosa spoke about the months of planning that went into the preparations for the papal visit. Host Bill Donohue introduced a discussion on the planned protests against the Pope and the Catholic bashing that had already begun prior to the arrival of the Holy Father. Also discussed was the Catholic League’s survey of American Catholics and how different its ¬†conclusions were from many other surveys.

The show that aired on October 10 featured a discussion of the recently concluded U.N. Conference on Women that was held in Beijing. Guest Ellen Lukas provided many interesting insights into what happened in Beijing. Lukas spent more than ten years working in the U.N. (half of her tenure was as a correspondent for Newsweek) and attended the Beijing Conference as part of a non-governmental organization. She related how out of touch many of the Western nations were with the sentiments of the developing world.

Both shows dealt with the issue that is the heart and soul of the Catholic League, namely anti-Catholicism. It is hoped that those who are critical of the Catholic Church will accept invitations to appear on the show.

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