We now know two Catholic League members who go by the name of Mel. More important, both are men of courage and faith. You already know about Mel Gibson, now meet Mel Le Pan, II.

When Mel Le Pan learned that an Augusta, Georgia establishment called Sidetrack Bar and Grill posted an anti-Catholic sign outside the restaurant, he sent a news release to the media registering his objections; he also made mention of his membership in the Catholic League.

Mel proved victorious: a local TV station covered the story and bingo—the sign was removed. Congratulations to another “St. Mel.”



In his statement to the press, Bill Donohue remarked as follows: “The same Ted Kennedy who once championed the rights of the unborn now champions the right of a doctor to jam scissors into the skull of an infant who is 80-percent born. Sadly for him, history will look back on this era and recognize that he didn’t care enough about human beings to take responsibility for children from the very momemt of conception.”

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