In June, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights proudly announced the launching of its website (

Eileen Sepp, the league’s Director of Media Technology, has constructed a website that has an extensive list of Catholic League resources. Browsers can find selections from the current issue of Catalyst, the league’s journal, as well as the complete text of previous issues for 1997. The league’s Annual Report on Anti-Catholicism (1994-1996) is also available. Current news includes a copy of all recent news releases issued by the league.

There is an opportunity for new members to join the league and there is a list of books and videos that may be purchased. Also available is a feedback section which allows interested parties to report incidents of anti-Catholicism.

The Catholic League is providing a website that will be continually updated, thus giving users a reason to return to it over and over again. It is our hope that reporters and researchers will find the league’s website to be a valuable source of information on the nature and prevalence of anti-Catholicism.

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