Catholic League Announces Creation of Advisory Board

///Catholic League Announces Creation of Advisory Board

Catholic League Announces Creation of Advisory Board

The Catholic League is proud to announce the names of its new board of advisors. Unlike the board of directors, the board of advisors does not oversee the operations of the League, rather it acts as a sounding board for the League’s president. All of the members are prominent lay Catholics associated with reputable institutions. In the interest of brevity, we only comment on their status, not on their many achievements.


Helen Alvare, Pro-Life Director, National Catholic Conference of Bishops
William Bentley Ball, Distinguished Catholic Attorney
Linda Chavez, Distinguished Catholic Scholar
Robert Destro, Distinguished Catholic University Law Professor
Dinesh D’Souza, Distinguished Catholic Scholar
Robert George, Distinguished Princeton University
Professor Mary Ann Glendon, Distinguished Harvard Law
Professor Dolores Bernadette Grier, Vice-Chancellor, Archdiocese of New York
John P. Hale, Distinguished Catholic Attorney
Alan Keyes, Distinguished Catholic Scholar
Stephen Krason, Distinguished Catholic Scholar
Michael Novak, Distinguished Catholic Scholar
Patrick Riley, Distinguished Catholic Scholar
Robert Royal, Distinguished Catholic Scholar
William Simon, President, J.M. Ohlin Foundation
Paul Vitz, Distinguished New York University Professor
Walter Weber, Distinguished Attorney, American Center for Law and Justice
George Weigel, Distinguished Catholic Scholar

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