Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Catholic haters who can’t let it go:

There are ongoing scandals in virtually every institution in the world, secular as well as religious, so when a prominent American newspaper runs an editorial about an organization where one of its past leaders once funneled money to a controversial affiliate overseas, it makes one wonder why it chose to focus on that institution and not an organization that is currently involved in a scandal in this country. We don’t lack for any.

When a late-night comedian chooses to hurl insults at a demographic group for no apparent reason other than to be malicious, it makes one wonder what’s going on.

The first example was provided by the Washington Post in its March 4th editorial criticizing money legally sent by Theodore McCarrick, when he was a cardinal, to a religious community in Latin America founded by a rogue; the money was spent on the indigent. The second example is provided by Seth Meyers in his March 4th monologue deriding Catholics for drinking consecrated wine from the same chalice as others.

It was so nice to read the editorial’s professed concern for the Church’s “reputation and mission,” which, it said, has been “besmirched” by its leaders. It’s time the newspaper factored in its own contribution to besmirching the Catholic Church.

As for Meyers, we could provide him with plenty of examples of the beliefs and practices of other religions that would make for lots of laughs, but we know he would throw it in the trash where it belongs. That he doesn’t trash the anti-Catholic material he is given tells us everything we need to know about him.

Both the Washington Post and Seth Meyers are Church haters (we’ve dealt with both of them many times before). It’s in their claw—they can’t give it up.

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