Bill Donohue comments on the Women’s March on Washington:

The Women’s March on Washington is a misnomer: it will include many others who claim to be neither a man nor a woman, yet were born either male or female. It is also a misnomer to say, as the organizers claim, that the march is about uniting “our vibrant and diverse communities”: the event seeks to divide, not unite.

Some critics are calling this an anti-Trump rally. They, too, are mistaken. It is a protest against the American people who voted for Donald Trump. In short, it is a protest against democracy.

As with all activist events, this one is guided by “isms.” The two principal ideological strains are libertinism and anti-Catholicism: the protesters want a sexual free-for-all (minus the lethal diseases), and they want to attack Catholicism for not affirming it.

With regard to religion, the march’s organizers say the event is being held to support “diverse religious faiths particularly Muslim.” Happy to know that Muslims are given priority over the Zoroastrians, though it is not certain whether any will march with the “LGBTQIA” contingency (“Q” stands for “Queer”; not sure who the “I” and “A” folks are).

Among the many sponsors of the march are the following organizations; a sample of their contributions to anti-Catholicism is included:

Amnesty International: In 2015, it sponsored an anti-Catholic video, laced with obscenities, attacking the Catholic Church in Ireland for its opposition to abortion.

Center for Reproductive Rights: In 2011, when the bishops opposed a bill promoting abortion, it fell back on an old anti-Catholic trope, accusing them of “enforcing religious dogma” on the American people.

Feminist Majority Foundation: In 2005, it opposed elevating Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court because that would mean too many Catholics on the bench.

Human Rights Campaign: It has consistently labeled every conflict between religious liberty and gay rights as an attack by the bishops on gays, not as an exercise of the First Amendment.

Human Rights Watch: It labels as “obstructionist” the right of the Holy See to oppose abortion laws, and has attacked Filipino bishops for merely stating the Church’s position on contraception and abortion. Heavily funded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations, it has supported virtually every phony, anti-Catholic “Catholic” group, such as Catholics for Choice and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

NARAL: Founded with the express purpose of lying about, and smearing, the Catholic Church, it continues to assault Catholicism whenever the abortion issue is in the news.

National Organization for Women: It frequently accuses the bishops of a “War on Women” for simply voicing their objections to abortion.

PEN: Ostensibly a “free speech” organization, it has condemned the free speech rights of Catholics (e.g. the Catholic League) for opposing anti-Catholic bigotry, trying to silence them.

Planned Parenthood: Founded by an extreme anti-Catholic, Margaret Sanger, it has been fomenting anti-Catholicism for 100 years.

In addition to these 10 anti-Catholic sponsors, the Women’s March on Washington is drawing the support of activists who have nothing to do with women’s rights (e.g., Americans United for Separation of Church and State), but who are nonetheless long-time Catholic bashers (which explains their enthusiasm).

Finally, Hollywood will be well represented, as is only fitting: the event celebrates reckless sex, and is heavily populated by Catholic haters. Samantha Bee is just one of hundreds who will be there.

She earned her stripes most recently on her January 18, 2017 show when she made a crack about “brave strong women” and “dildos.” The segment featured a photo of a priest with a homosexual standing next to him. How do I know the guy is gay? If you saw the picture, you wouldn’t have to ask.

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