Fordham University’s football team played at Columbia University on September 21.  During the half-time show, Columbia’s game announcer shouted, “Fordham’s tuition is going down like an altar boy.”  The crowd loved it.

Catholic League president William Donohue issued the following statement on the episode today:

“Columbia’s president and athletic director should apologize to Fordham, and to area Catholics, without delay.  It is important to hear from Columbia University president Lee C. Bollinger because he sets the tone for the entire school.  In 1997, when the band at Stanford University triggered an anti-Catholic incident at a Stanford-Notre Dame football game, an apology was quickly forthcoming from Stanford president Gerhard Casper; sanctions were also taken against the offending students.  We await similar action on the part of Mr. Bollinger.  He is eminently qualified to do so: he is the author of The Tolerant Society: Freedom of Speech and Extremist Speech in America.

“The comment that was made at the Fordham-Columbia football game was disturbing, but the crowd’s reaction was more so.  What this shows is that all the campus talk about multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion and tolerance means very little when applied to Catholics: indeed, it is politically correct to bash Catholics.  And not just at Bob Jones University.”

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