This cartoon by Domineck Scudera falsely accuses the pope of teaching hatred toward gays.

(Philadelphia Gay News, December 29, 2006-January 4, 2007).


Almost five years after the sex abuse scandal, some continue to attack the Catholic Church, including cartoonist Monte Wolverton.

(Sandusky Register [OH], December 21, 2006).


Cartoonist Pat Oliphant wasted no time in using the scandal involving disgraced congressman Mark Foley to take a swipe at the Catholic Church.

(Syndicated, October 2, 2006)

More than one cartoonist used the Mark Foley scandal to take a shot at the Catholic Church. This time the culprit was Henry Payne.

(Las Cruces Sun-News, October 30, 2006).

Cartoonist Pat Oliphant features the Catholic Church as a regular target for ridicule in his work, and 2006 was no exception. Here, Oliphant accuses religious people, and specifically the Catholic Church, of being responsible for much of the trouble in the world.

(Syndicated, September 18, 2006).

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