This cartoon obscenely assaults Our Blessed Mother, Jesus and the pope. That a mainstream newspaper would dare to print this shows how debased the journalism industry has become. (San Francisco Chronicle, March 9, 2005)

The assessment of U.S. seminaries by the Vatican focused on seminarians, not priests or bishops. The point was to assess whether homosexual behavior was a problem in the seminaries. This cartoon by Tony Auth unfairly portrays the Vatican as being obsessed with homosexuality, to the exclusion of other issues. (Philadelphia Inquirer, September 16, 2005)

Some of those who desperately wanted Terri Schiavo to die went so far as to demonize those who fought for her right to life. This cartoon by Jimmy Margulies maliciously paints Terri’s advocates as religious zealots who are out of touch with reality. (The Record [NJ], June 17, 2005)

This cartoon portrays the new pope as a tyrant bent on purging the seminaries of homosexuals. The fact is the Vatican ordered an assessment of U.S. seminaries on a range of subjects, one of which dealt with sexuality. Just as colleges are accredited by national academic associations, the seminaries are periodically assessed by the Vatican. The cartoon, of course, puts a bigoted spin on the process. (Between the Lines, October 13, 2005)

St. Paedophilia’s. A bishop who is on a witch-hunt against homosexuals. A seminarian who gawks at a child. Add this to the anti-Catholic portfolio of cartoonist Oliphant. (syndicated, 12-10-05)

In the above cartoon, the selection of the pope is portrayed as being a misogynist, hypocritical exercise, laced with mutilation and erotica. While the cartoon lacks coherence, and its message is poorly expressed, the intent is clear. (San Francisco Chronicle, 4-20-05)

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