Rather than focusing on the positive message that Pope Benedict XVI conveyed at the World Youth Day celebration in Australia, cartoonist Simanca Osmani took a shot at the Holy Father for rejecting the culture of consumerism. (Simanca Osmani, Erie Times-News, July 24)

This cartoon was in response to Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann’s request that Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius not present herself for Communion due to her pro-abortion stance. Naumann’s request was due to Sebelius’ rejection of Church teaching on abortion and not for any other reason, as the cartoon indicates. (Lee Judge, Kansas City Star, May 24)

This cartoon inaccurately portrays Scranton Bishop Joseph Martino as a sort of dictatorial figure because he advocates denying Communion to any politician who supports abortion rights. (John Cole, Scranton Times-Tribune, December 3)

Brian Fairrington, a nationally syndicated cartoonist, took St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to blast the Catholic Church. This cartoon misrepresents Church teaching and implies that sex abuse was not a sin until recently. (Brian Fairrington, The Macon Telegraph, March 18)

 This cartoon is how nationally syndicated cartoonist, Sandy Huffaker, welcomed Pope Benedict XVI to the United States. Huffaker took a cheap shot at the Church for its requirement of priestly celibacy. (Sandy Huffaker, CagleCartoons.com, April 16)

Bob Englehart took a shot at Connecticut’s Catholic Bishops for urging Catholics to vote “yes” on Question 1 in the state’s election—the initiative called for a Constitutional Convention to be held. The bishops advocated this due to the state’s Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage. (Bob Englehart, Hartford Courant, October 26)

Cartoonist Tony Auth, no stranger to anti-Catholic bigotry, drew the above cartoon depicting the Catholic Church as being built upon a foundation of deceit. The cartoon also shows the clergy hiding behind the sex abuse scandal rather than dealing with it. (Tony Auth, Philadelphia Inquirer, February 21)

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