Two bishops chatting in church (while a woman dressed like the Virgin Mary with a halo around her head is on her knees with a scrub-brush in her hand), one bishop says to the other
“Of course women can’t be ordained as priests – but that shouldn’t stop them from assuming other important roles within the Church.” —David Catrow and Copley News Service

A poor woman wearing a “Third World” T-shirt kneels before a statue of Our Lady asking, “Blessed Mary, I need to know which is the greatest sin: bringing another few billion poor, starving children into the world? …or using the pill?” —North American Syndicate

An arrow points to the top of Pope John Paul II’s head with the caption, “UPON THIS ROCK I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH and he is wearing a button that reads, “No Women Priests.” —New York Newsday

The Pope visits a cemetery for the “World’s Aids Victims”. He comments: “Glad to see so many of you have followed the papal order not to use condoms.” —Tribune Media Services

The pregnant “Woman who lived in a shoe…” is holding a newspaper headlined: WORLD POPULATION CONFERENCE IN CAIRO. The Pope is in the upper right corner carrying a placard that reads, “Procreate — Have more children”. —The Boston Globe

A bishop holds up two signs, one with a cross and one with an X. He state, “ACTUALLY, WE HAVE TWO CROSSES. ONE FOR THE CHURCH…AND ONE FOR WOMEN!” —Don Wright and the Palm Beach Post

A priest labeled “US Catholic Bishops” tells a woman who is holding a feather duster and a spray bottle, “We believe it’s time women be allowed into some of the Church’s highest levels.” An older priest labeled “The Vatican” stands near a ladder, points to the ceiling of the church and says “You can start with that big DUST BUNNY up there!” — Stuart Carlson and the Milwaukee Sentinel.

“The World Pope-elation Conference” strip includes four frames. The first two frames show the Pope. He says, “Go forth, be fruitful and multiply! To hell with the Population Conference.” “And have dominion over everything in God’s creation.” A woman wearing an upside down feminist symbol stands next to the Pope in the third frame. The woman stands alone in the fourth frame with a voice (presumably the Pope’s) saying “…except your uterus.” — Arizona Daily Star

A bishop stands holding his crosier in one hand and a small round object in his other hand. The banner at the top reads, “THE CHURCH FINALLY AGREES TO ARTIFICIAL BIRTH CONTROL…” The bishop proclaims: “Ladies… just hold this little pill between your knees.” —Tribune Media Services

Three elderly women stand in a bingo hall listening to a priest who says,”I don’t mind if you use the Church for BINGO…heck, I don’t even mind a little wagering…but I draw the line at making game pieces out of Communion wafers!” —Dave Coverly and Creators Syndicate

This two frame visual depicts a group of people talking at the Population Conference next to a multiplication sign next to a bishop and a rabbi next to an equal sign. The second frame shows a massive congregation of screaming babies with a turned over, empty garbage pail nearby. — Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Four surgeons in an operating room where the table bears a tag “HEALTH REFORM”, look on in horror as an attending bishop calls and reaches for a “Hatchet” which is labeled “Abortion Dogma”. —Tony Auth and the Philadelphia Inquirer

A bishop stands smiling, holding up “Rosary Beads” next to a woman wearing a United Nations overcoat holds up an open case of “Birth Control Pills”. The banner across the top reads “They’re both small, round and recommended daily. But only one really prevents unwanted pregnancies.” — Steve Benson and UFS, Inc.

A small banner in the upper right corner states “The Vatican Approves Altar Girls…” The Pope presents a laundry basket to a pony tailed girl saying, “Here’s the rest of my laundry…and when you’re finished with that you can wash the wine chalice, put away the vestments and dust the confessional. — Rob Rogers and UFS, Inc.

A woman who is crying out in pain carries a pregnancy that is about ten times her size. She is wearing a dress that has a global view of the world imprinted on it. The Pope stands before her with outstretched arms telling her to “Put it up for adoption …”. — Rob Rogers and UFS, Inc.

Jesus holds a plate of bread while saying “TAKE THIS ALL OF YOU AND EAT IT…UNLESS YOU’RE PRO-CHOICE OR DIVORCED OR GAY OR ON BIRTH CONTROL OR…” The caption to the right reads:”…IF JESUS WERE A CATHOLIC BISHOP.” —Tribune Media Services

A caricature of “THE VATICAN SOUVENIR STAND AT THE U.N. POPULATION CONFERENCE”. Under the Souvenir banner marked “Pope Approved”. Some of the shirts read: “Immaculate Conception NOT contraception,” “Catholics We Got Rhythm,” Birth Control–Schmirth Control,” “We’re panning family planning” —Scott Willis and theSan Jose Mercury News

A woman comments to a man who is reading a newspaper headlined: “NO WOMEN PRIESTS”. “Is John Paul II the first Pope to kiss the GROUND… AND WALK ON WOMEN?” —Tribune Media Services

Two nuns in habits view a poster that includes a picture of the Pope over the words “NO WOMEN PRIESTS – There were no female apostles – Priests must resemble Jesus – There are altar cloths to be cleaned and pressed”. One nun says to the other “I’ve often wondered what nun meant.” — Tribune Media Services

The Pope is shown in bed with a newspaper (headlined “Population Conference”) and a “Militant Muslim”. there is a gun leaning on the night table next to the Muslim. The Pope is placing his mitre on the night table next to his side of the bed while he says “Well, It’s for a good cause..” —The Courier Journal

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