Bill Donohue comments as follows:

The Illinois legislature is set to vote on gay marriage. Controversy is brewing over a letter by Chicago Archbishop Francis George [click here] that has been sent to area churches affirming support for marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey Stone takes issue with Cardinal George’s position that the “State has no power to create something that nature tells us is impossible.” Stone snidely says, “Where, exactly, does ‘nature’ tell us that?” He then surmises that George got this idea from “Saint Thomas Aquinas, who communed with ‘nature’ 750 years ago.” More likely George was simply practicing common sense. After all, even the most powerful government cannot decree that a man and a man produce a child. Aquinas was brilliant, but we hardly need to repair to his Summa Theologica to understand Nature 101.

Bernard Schlager, a professor of gay studies at Pacific School of Religion, says George is wrong because “sexual behavior is an expression of human love.” Not to a woman who has been raped it isn’t. Rainbow Sash, an anti-Catholic group, says the decision whether to have children, or to adopt, or not to have any, is made by “the respective married couple whatever sexual orientation they may be.” Wrong: Lesbians do not decide not to have children—their anatomy makes that call for them. Zack Ford, writing for a liberal website, accuses George of using “incendiary rhetoric” by saying it is “physically impossible” for gays to “consummate a marriage.” Incendiary? Or just plain pedestrian? Hemant Mehta, a Patheos blogger, can’t contain his rage, which is why he trashes the Eucharist as being unnatural. All in the name of tolerance.

The attack on “Nature, and of Nature’s God,” is still cresting. Jefferson, who popularized those prophetic words, never knew that their mere invocation would cause otherwise sober men to hallucinate.

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