In early July, the deposition of Cardinal Timothy Dolan was released regarding his tenure as the Archbishop of Milwaukee; the deposition was taken earlier this year in February:

Under questioning by Jeffrey Anderson, an activist lawyer who has tried on many occasions to sue the Holy See (all of them unsuccessful), Cardinal Dolan gravely disappointed the enemies of the Catholic Church: they were denied their “gotcha” moment. No incendiary evidence was to be found anywhere in sight. Indeed, pint-sized Anderson didn’t even lay a glove on the big guy. His plans fell flat.

One word sums up the entire proceeding: boring. That is the most accurate word to describe the deposition. Here is a list of the topics that Anderson pursued: the statute of limitations; a public list of accused priests; deceased and elderly priests; laicization; false and substantiated allegations; compensation for priests who have been let go from ministry; cemetery funds; parish finances; the scope of an archbishop’s authority; the effect of the scandal on Catholics in Milwaukee as well as everywhere.

In short, there was nothing new—it was another fishing expedition conducted by a man who believes there should be one standard for the Catholic Church, and another for the rest of the world. Fortunately he got nowhere.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan was, as always, honest and courageous. One wishes that Jeffrey Anderson could be billed for the agony of having to read his boring pursuit.

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