Catholic League president Bill Donohue asks for help in defeating the California bill aimed at breaking the seal of confession:

Within a month, California assembly members are expected to vote on a bill that would compel a priest to disclose to the authorities information he has learned in the confessional if it involves the sexual abuse of a minor committed by another priest or co-worker. In short, the government would be allowed to punish a priest for not breaking the seal of confession.

When we previously asked Catholic League supporters to contact the California Catholic Conference on this issue they did so by the thousands, and with great effect: the original senate version of the bill made no exceptions for any penitent. While we recognize the improvement, it is still unacceptable for the government to police any sacrament in the Catholic Church.

To support the California Catholic Conference in its opposition to the bill, click here and complete the form.

Also, please email Assembly member Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, Sr. He is the chairman of the Assembly Public Safety Committee that is in charge of this bill.


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