Catholic League president Bill Donohue follows up on the news release from January 19 [click here to read it] that detailed Denis Leary’s vulgar assault on the pope, priests and nuns; Comedy Central featured it on January 16, and the DVD was released two days later:

Something must be done to send Denis Leary a message that Catholics will not put up with his obscenities against their religion. We suggest that one of the prime sponsors of The Leary Firefighters Foundation, Bushmills, withdraw its contribution.

It may be that Leary’s foundation benefits some firefighters, and while that is surely a noble cause, it does not justify, or in any way neutralize, serious objections to Leary’s foul conduct. That is why we are petitioning the whiskey company to pull its funding.

Bushmills is owned by Diageo, a huge corporation headquartered in London. We are contacting the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Mark Baird, about our request. We are also contacting many officers of the Ancient Order of Hibernians asking for their support (I am a proud AOH member).


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