President George W. Bush today declared his support for a constitutional amendment that would ban homosexual marriages.  William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, praised the president for his decision:

“President Bush did the right thing by supporting a constitutional amendment to ban marriage between two men or two women.  Just last week, he discussed this issue with 13 Catholics in the Roosevelt Room of the White House; I was privileged to be there.  He announced from the same room today that he has reached a decision.

“It was the collapse of the democratic process that finally forced his hand.  For example, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recently defied its mandate to interpret state law, electing instead to issue an edict demanding homosexual marriages.  In addition, the mayor of San Francisco has taken the law into his own hands: his authorization of marriage licenses to lesbians and gay men is not in his purview.  Therefore, nothing short of a constitutional amendment can stop the tyrannical stampede toward gay marriage.

“The anti-marriage campaign that gay activists have unleashed is backfiring.  For the good of children, it must.  Marriage is not only about love, it is about a particular structure and a particular function: the structure is one man and one woman; the function is procreation.  Nature, not law, denies this opportunity to homosexuals.  If marriage were only about love, incest and polygamy would be permitted.  It is time we got back to basics.  What is needed is a college course called ‘Common Sense 101.’  But it must be taught by men and women in the community—chosen by lottery—not by professors.  Unfortunately, too many of the latter have already proven to be deficient in the property of common sense, thus making them ineligible to teach that which they do not possess.

“The Catholic League anxiously awaits what the Catholic candidate for the presidency is going to do.  The ball is in John Kerry’s court.”

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