Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on recent attacks on the Catholic Church in Buffalo:

Kirk Laubenstein is a left-wing activist in Buffalo who doesn’t like diversity, at least not the kind the Catholic Church offers. Before he had his epiphany several years ago, he confessed that “For 15 years, I was like, I’m not into church.”

Then, like, he got into church. Now he is, like, a minister in the United Church of Christ, though it is not clear who his congregants are. He is also director of the Coalition for Economic Justice, an organization that has worked with Acorn, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and other radical socialists and anarchists.

Laubenstein disagrees with the Catholic Church’s teaching on foster parents; it believes that foster children are entitled to be raised by a father and a mother. For him, two moms will do just fine, and he is open-minded enough to welcome two dads. It is not known whether he would be okay with three dads, but we are sure that day is fast approaching and we have no doubt what he will say. He seems to be very tolerant.

Well, in actual fact, Laubenstein is not all that tolerant. He is now busy walking the streets of Buffalo telling everyone how horrible the Catholic Church is for not accepting homosexual and lesbian couples as foster parents. More than that, he wants to shut down Catholic Charities. He says it is not fit to receive public funding.

As with many members of the clergy these days (in many religions), Laubenstein is preoccupied with materialism: nothing excites him more than the prospect of robbing Peter to pay Paul. But as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once alluded to, one day socialists will realize there are no more Peters to rob from. Then everyone is sunk.

That much is Laubenstein’s business. What is not his business—it is mine—is his campaign to strip Catholic Charities of public funding. He needs to rethink what tolerance and diversity really mean. He can begin by, like, getting into the Catholic Church.


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