Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on an e-mail he received from Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes regarding an earlier news release on the edict by a rabbinical court in Brooklyn instructing its members not to report crimes to the police:
I am happy to report that Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes responded quickly and honestly to my news release on the Beth Din of Crown Heights controversy. He said, in part, “In the 21 years I’ve served as Brooklyn’s District Attorney I have never been deterred by anyone including the various Beth Dins in Brooklyn from fulfilling my responsibilities as the Chief Law Enforcement Official of Kings County.” He went on to say that “nothing can interfere with my authority to investigate and prosecute any allegation of crime in my County.”
This is reassuring. I want to make it clear that D.A. Hynes has the support of the Catholic League—we very much appreciate his forthrightness. 
Feel free to convey your thanks, as well. 
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