In an affront to Catholics, Windows, a program which aired on September 24 on the cable network Bravo, featured a dance routine involving a priest dealing with temptation from a nun dressed like a hooker. The seg- ment was the last one on the program, taking place on a dark street. “Temptation” was sung by a choir as the priest made sexual advances toward the nun, who was wearing a strapless black minidress and high heels. She also donned a habit with a pair of Rosary beads hanging around her neck. She stood seductively holding onto a pole as the priest committed one outrage after another in struggling with his sexual desires.

He danced around, crossing himself and outlining the female form with his hands.

Among the jabs at the Catholic faith were his repeatedly dropping the Bible onto the ground, trying to grab at the nun’s body, and stealing a shoe from a homeless woman. However, the most egregious element of the routine was the priest giving white wafers-obviously meant to indicate the Host-to the choir whose tongues, moving wildly, were hanging out of their mouths. After taking the wafer into his own mouth, the priest as well as the choir spat the wafers out. After looking at the Bible yet again, he started to choke while muttering incomprehensibly. He removed his collar and ended up keeling over the rail of a fire escape as smoke surrounded him.

The Catholic League registered its outrage to Bravo, the Windows producer Thomas Grimm, and Texaco Performing Arts Showcase, which sponsored the program.

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