Bill Donohue

The Boston Metropolitan area, which includes Cambridge, is bursting with bigotry these days. It’s not hard to figure out why.

Michelle Wu is the Mayor of Boston. She is an avid proponent of racial segregation. So much so that she is holding a Christmas party that bans people who are white. Called the Electeds of Color Holiday Party, invitations were mistakenly sent to all members of the city council, including the seven who are white. She apologized for this misstep, but not for her racist decision: the segregated party will go on as planned.

Harvard is located in Cambridge, a suburb of Boston. Its president, Claudine Gay, says she is opposed to bullying and harassment but is not sure whether calling for the extermination of Jews meets that standard. She said that calling for the genocide of Jews depends on the context. She did not say what context would make it inoffensive.

Harvard believes in racial segregation on campus. That is why it annually holds a separate graduation ceremony for black students.

One thing Harvard does not believe in is free speech. In the “2024 College Free Speech Rankings,” published by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, Harvard was ranked dead last (#248) on this score. It received the lowest score possible, 0.00, meriting the tag “Abysmal.”

Where do the bigoted ideas that Boston has embraced come from? From the faculty, of course. They are the most intolerant of all Americans. Leading the way is a professor at Boston University, Ibram Henry Rogers, better known as Ibram X. Kendi. He is the leading proponent of Critical Race Theory, the racist ideology—all white people are racists—allegedly crafted to combat racism.

Boston is also home to censoring the free speech of Christians. For 12 years, the city of Boston had authorized 284 flags to fly atop a city flagpole outside of City Hall, representing a myriad of government and private interests. But in 2018 it turned down a request by Camp Constitution to fly what they described as a “Christian” flag. Gay Pride flags were okay, but not Christian ones. The Boston bigots lost in the Supreme Court in a unanimous decision.

It is not the cops and firefighters in the Boston area who are promoting bigotry and censoring speech. No, it is those who have been intellectually raped by professors. Instead of fostering tolerance and independent thinking, higher education has become a hot bed of intolerance and group think.

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