Want a gift of easy reading for a young guy this Christmas season? All Things Guy: A Guide to Becoming a Man that Matters by Teresa Tomeo, et al. might be just right. This short inspirational volume, the work of four committed Catholic women, asks such questions as, “Do you want to grow up to be a happy successful man?”, and, “Do you want to make something of yourself on earth and then, when your life is over, go to Heaven?”

The book is appropriate for Catholic boys aged 9 through 14. These are formative years, and in our society today, young guys need all the help they can get to keep on the straight and narrow. The temptations are many, and the right answers are harder to find.

All Things Guy contains chapters on such issues as dignity, virtue, vocations, family and friends, body, etc. Importantly, it does not talk down to readers, but neither does it equivocate on critical issues. It also has a chapter on “Strong Catholic Men,” that features a short look at Tom Monaghan, Bill Donohue and Father Frank Pavone.

Donohue says of this work, “Never preachy, the book should have wide appeal to Catholic young men trying to sort out contemporary issues in a confused culture.”

To order a copy go to www.BezalelBooks.com or e-mail the publishing house atBezalelBooks@gmail.com. To call, phone (248) 917-3865.

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