Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the death of Robert P. Lockwood:

Bob Lockwood passed away March 4. He was one of the most prolific Catholic journalists of our time, writing columns and books for Our Sunday Visitor for decades. He was also the president of Our Sunday Visitor Publishing, a company he brought to a new level of excellence. His last post was as director of communications for the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

I knew Bob well. He was a member of the Catholic League’s board of directors. He later served as our director of research and was then named to our board of advisors.

There was nothing Bob wouldn’t do for the Catholic Church, or the Catholic League. He never turned down an assignment and worked diligently on every project he undertook.

Besides being an astute writer, editor, and publisher, Bob was fun to work with, and he loved a new challenge. Gregarious and good humored, he was the kind of person every organization, Catholic or otherwise, would love to have on staff.

God bless Bob Lockwood. He left us too soon; he was 69.

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