On a recent episode of the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire,” a gratuitous cheap shot was taken at Catholics. The scene that outraged Catholics all over, was the one in which a group of men were watching a silent film in which a nun is having sex.
There is something pernicious about Hollywood’s non-stop assault on Catholicism. The shot of a nun on her hands and knees being penetrated from behind, and another that showed a man performing cunnilingus on her, was thrown into the show, just to stick it to Catholics. When addressing this episode, Bill Donohue said,  “There is nothing left to the imagination—this is graphic pornography.”
It is no wonder that Hollywood’s hatred of religion, especially Roman Catholicism, has turned so many against it, even, regrettably, to the point of violence. This latest contribution, thanks to the show’s executive producer, Martin Scorsese, was particularly vile. Indeed, it reaches a new low.
The time has come for our members to write directly to Richard Plepler, co-president of HBO [contact him at 1100 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10036]. Bill Donohue knows him, and while they have a cordial relationship, he wants you to weigh in; what HBO is doing is wrong. Remember, they also air Bill Maher’s show.
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