As Rhode Island lawmakers are set to consider the issue of gay marriage, Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin released a letter to them today [click here] on this subject. Bill Donohue comments as follows:

Bishop Tobin’s statement is perhaps the most comprehensive defense of marriage made by any bishop in the nation. Indeed, he leaves no matter attendant to this subject untouched.

Historical Issues: “The proposal to legalize same-sex marriage is an attempt to redefine the institution of marriage as it has existed in every culture from the beginning of human history.”

Biblical Issues: “Marriage was defined by God for two specific purposes: to affirm the complementary roles of males and females in a loving relationship, and to provide a stable foundation for the procreation and raising of children. Homosexual relationships can achieve neither of these goals.”

Sociological Issues: “The concept of same-sex marriage is an untested experiment with unpredictable long-term outcomes.”

Constitutional Issues: “Another real problem to consider is that the establishment of same-sex marriage would pose yet another threat to religious freedom.”

Timing Issues: “Why is Rhode Island spending time and energy on this issue right now when the Supreme Court might make the decision for us?”

Democratic Issues: “If we are in fact forced to discuss the nature of matrimony in our state, it should be placed before the general public in a referendum.”

Kudos to Bishop Tobin. He has framed this issue with authority, leaving no stone unturned.

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