On February 10, New York State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein introduced legislation that would sharply increase the penalties for vandalizing a house of worship. The bill also covers the destruction or theft of religious symbols that occur on such grounds.

We supported the legislation and released the following statement to the press:

“Every year, nativity scenes, menorahs and other religious symbols are ransacked, and too often the offenders are treated as if they vandalized an ice cream parlor. Fortunately, State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein wants to increase the penalties associated with the trashing of churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship. His bill is one that every lawmaker in Albany should support, and we look forward to its speedy implementation.

“The Catholic League is proud of what Senator Klein is doing, and we ask all Catholics to rally behind him. The time has come to clamp down on vandals who seek to destroy our First Amendment right to worship as we see fit.”

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